Lunes, Abril 21, 2014


Pictures of Sebastian Vettel on instagram.

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Domingo, Abril 20, 2014



Sebastian Vettel | Drivers Parade | Chinese GP 2014

(+ the bonus appearance of Jenson Button)


Chinese GP - Pre-Race: An Honest Vettel

I haven’t noticed anything suspicious, so to speak. Obviously your team-mate is the first guy you always look at and I’m sure Seb won’t be happy with his results. It’s not going to make him not talk to me - we’re still going to chat, I’m confident of that - but I’m sure he’s going to work a bit harder and try to improve for the next one. But I won’t rest either, there’s still three guys in front of me we have to beat. Daniel thinks Seb will bounce back stronger (via nadia8barca)
I moved over for Daniel once I knew that we were on different strategies. When I was first asked, I didn’t understand as we were on the same tyre, unlike in Bahrain, so I double checked. When the team said we were on a different strategy, I moved over and then, as the race went on, I saw more and more that I didn’t have the pace. There was no point in holding Dan back. Sebastian Vettel explaining his “tough luck” comment [x] (via pitwall)


Emerson Fittipaldi presents Sebastian Vettel the Laureus World Sportsman of the Year award for 2014.

We know Seb is very sensitive with the car and how it enters into a corner. At the moment he hasn’t got the feel he needs from the car. Unusually for Sebastian, he’s been so strong in looking after Pirelli tyres we know are pretty delicate, but now he’s struggling with that at the moment because he’s not being able to read the car as much as he usually does. As soon as he does that he’ll be right back. Christian Horner (via vampiref1echelon)

How have I not seen this yet, selfie Seb


How have I not seen this yet, selfie Seb

We will get there. Sebastian Vettel (via mudblood1124)